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CS 240 Project 1 Summer 2009 Due Date: Wednesday, July 1, 4:00 p.m. Upload to WebCT the zipped file of your complete NetBeans project (named yourLastName_project1). Complete the following program: Write a program that enables a person to play the Rock-Scissor-Paper game against the computer. Allowable moves are P , R , or S (upper- or lower-case). The winner is determined by these rules: Paper covers rock, Rock smashes scissors, Scissors cuts paper, or game is a tie. Some guidelines: Use comments to divide your code into the following sections: Variable declarations Get user input Get computer move Determine/Display winner Variable declarations. Determine what items must be stored and declare variables accordingly. Get user input. Ask the player for his/her name. Then ask this person to enter his/her move as a single character P, R, or S (upper- or lower-case). If the move is not valid, display a message to that effect and end the program (the statement return;
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