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Unformatted text preview: Answer Key Testname: 10-151_EXAM3 18) An evolutionary species is a lineage of populations that has its own evolutionary role and tendencies 19) Van Valen identifies only two species of oak, each with its own niche. The hybrids are not a species at all because they have no niche. 1) B 2) D 3) E 4) B 5) C 6) C 7) C 8) A 9) A 10) B 11) E 12) D 13) A 14) TRUE 15) FALSE 16) FALSE 17) TRUE 18) 19) 20) two 21) A relatively high h2 value is a prediction of a significant impact that selection may have in altering an initial population. 22) environmental variance (VE), genetic variance (VG ), and variance resulting from the interaction between genetics and environment (VGE) 23) In directional selection, a particular phenotypic extreme is selected for, while in stabilizing selection, both extreme phenotypes are selected against. 24) 42% 25) M = .6; N = .4 B-4 ...
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