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Sheet1 Page 1 Read me ************** Programming Assignment Instructions************ 1. The code Group.cpp is built in Visual Studio 2010. 2.The code implements the DFS algorithm to divide the vertices into at most k + 1 group of a graph where k is the maximal nu m 3. Compile anr run the code. 4. The code ask to input the number of nodes in a graph. 5. Enter node number if path exists with the node or else enter -1 as no other path to exists. 6. With number of node it ask to input the whole graph so that it can intenally build the path between the nodes in the graph.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. With path setup this program groups the differnt node accordingly in groups as per required. 8. It prints the result as 8.1 Shows the connection of nodes. 8.2 Give which nodes are visited by whom and which node should belong to the group. 8.3 Finally it outputs the desired result,i.e, the node belonging to diffrent groups....
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