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Hum Hist handout 5

Hum Hist handout 5 - Human History Week 4 lecture 1 The...

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Human History Week 4, lecture 1 The rise of godlike kings 1/26/10 Early farming societies Plants and animals domesticated vary around Lucky Latitudes, but similar consequences everywhere Roughly similar timeline Cultivation underway in SW Asia 9000 BCE, E and S Asia by 7000 BCE, Mesoamerica and Andes by 6000 BCE Turning into domestication within 1,000 years: SW Asia c. 8000 BCE, E and S Asia c. 6000 BCE, Mesoamerica and Andes c. 5000 BCE Agricultural villages turning into states 3,000-4,000 years later: SW Asia and Egypt c. 3500 BCE, S Asia c. 2800 BCE, E Asia c. 1900 BCE, Mesoamerica c. 1500 BCE, Andes c. 1000 BCE Shared trends Population growth : within 2,000 years of domestication beginning, villages grow from a few hundred to a few thousand (by 6500 BCE, Çatalhöyük [Turkey] in Hilly Flanks has 3,000 people) Total population of agricultural regions grows and spreads out: e.g., farming spreads from Hilly Flanks to Atlantic coast between 9000 and 4500 BCE; from Yellow- Yangzi valleys to Korea and Thailand between 6000 and 1500 BCE Steady improvement agricultural techniques
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