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Hum Hist handout 9

Hum Hist handout 9 - Human History Week 6 lecture 1 The...

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Human History Week 6, lecture 1 The ancient empires 2/9/10 The mega-empires Three mega-empires (>1m km 2 ) develop in Old World after 750 BCE By late third century BCE, three main examples: Rome (western Eurasia), Mauryans (India), Qin (China) Each has 20+ million people; by 1st cent. CE Rome and Han (China) have c. 50 million Han capital Chang’an has c. 500,000 residents; Rome, about 1 million Highpoint in anc New World too—Monte Albán has perhaps 100,000 by 150 CE Order of magnitude difference in scale between Old World and New World The Western empires Mega-empires appear first in western Eurasia After collapse of 1200 BCE, new Assyrian Empire conquers large regions by 900 BCE Moves toward high-end organization under Tiglath-Pileser III (744-727 BCE), conquers very large area by 670 BCE. Collapses in 612 BCE New Persian Empire emerges after 550 BCE; has own civil war in 520s and is reordered by Darius I (522-486 BCE) Darius pushes into Mediterranean: draws in Greeks and Phoenicians, who trade with and colonize western Mediterranean Cities and states develop in west Mediterranean after 700 BCE: as in earlier expansions
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