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Hum Hist handout 14 - Human History Week 9 lecture 1...

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Human History Week 9, lecture 1 Medieval revolutions 3/2/10 Song China Tang dynasty breaks down in 9 century (last emperor formally deposed in 907); Song dynasty (960-1179) reunites China Song dynasty sees peak in scientific and technological innovation New capital of 1 million people at Kaifeng “Renaissance men” like Shen Kuo (1031-1095): writes on agriculture, archaeology, cartography, climate, classical literature, ethnography, geology, math, medicine, metallurgy, meteorology, music, painting, zoology New kinds of pumps, clocks; printing presses with movable wooden type; by 1100, millions of books have been printed Landscape painting becomes a major art form Explosion of trade and commerce, water transport, finance, credit Genuine paper money in use by 1000; in 1024, Song dynasty issues over 1 billion bronze coins plus 1.25 billion coins’ worth of banknotes (backed by a reserve of 260 million bronze coins) Waterpowered machinery is coming into use for textile manufacture Gunpowder (invented c. 850 by Daoist alchemists) being used as a burning spray by 950
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Hum Hist handout 14 - Human History Week 9 lecture 1...

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