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DAH 201 Essay 1

DAH 201 Essay 1 - Lauren Napolitano DAH 201 Concept Essay 1...

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Lauren Napolitano September 17, 2009 DAH 201 Concept Essay 1 Dance is prevalent throughout many different cultures, including some whose definition of dance is very different than others. In chapter one of Vissicaro’s book, she says, “Dance provides a lens for exploring the world, its people, and their cultures” (3). I thought the excerpt from Odadaa! demonstrated this principle in a clear yet fascinating way. When I watched the video the first time, I found myself making some general observations as many thoughts flooded my head. First, I thought about the rhythm of the music, which was fast-paced drumbeats and other percussion instruments. I watched as the dance style seemed to mimic the music in that the people shook their hips rapidly and moved their feet in quick, yet carefully placed steps. Another observation that I made was that the costumes that the dancers had on were quite extravagant. I wondered if there was some sort of significance to the different pieces. These were my first impressions of
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