POS 210 Exam 3 Study Guide

POS 210 Exam 3 Study Guide - POS 210 Exam 3 Study...

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POS 210 Exam 3 Study Guide: -Available until 11PM Tuesday Nov 17 th -75 Questions with 90 minutes to complete it -Exam worth 150 points! -Rather narrow subject matter -Only topics responsible for: Fascism (Italian and German but know whole chapter), Liberation Ideologies -Disproportionately test on Liberation Ideologies -Women’s Lib, Black Lib, Native lib, Lib theology BUT NOT TESTED ON ANIMAL LIB!!! -Need to know three essays in detail: Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, Marilyn Frye’s Oppression, and John Corvino’s Homosexuality: The Nature and Harm Arguments (Either T/F or MC Questions) -All material in text except animal lib -Marilyn Frye’s Essay: -What is she doing? What is the point of writing this essay? - The essay is written to be an exercise in conceptual clarity - She wants you to know what it means for someone to be oppressed. - She wants you to contrast the concept of oppression from any instance of suffering, harm, or limitation on freedom. -pg. 366 in essay starting with “it is a fundamental claim…” - She says the word is misused, and the point of this essay is in part to clarify what oppression means so that when people use it they use it properly. -Contrast oppression with suffering and any instance of limitation, suffering, and/or harm - Human beings can be miserable without being oppressed - Point is to draw a conceptual distinction between oppression and other types of suffering and harm - Double-bind on page 366: by the very fact oppressed people are born belonging to an oppressed group that sits in subservience, (woman, African American, etc.) the choices are limited in many cases to where the individual,
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POS 210 Exam 3 Study Guide - POS 210 Exam 3 Study...

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