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POS 210 Final Notes

POS 210 Final Notes - Populist Democracy-Democracy in the...

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Populist Democracy: -Democracy in the WEST -Everyone agrees that democracy means the rule of the people but it is essentially a contested concept (democracy) -What does “people” consist of? -Mao says the proletariat or workers and peasants -Populist Democracy: rule of the people, all adult members of the political association except transients and persons proved to be mentally defective -The idea of a people ruling themselves as free and equal beings, rather than an external leader (one person=one vote) -Recognizing the value of popular will requires that some restraints be placed on the popular will itself -In order for democracy to function as an ongoing political association (constructed to continue into the future) -Necessary constraints on majority rule form the body of political rights that must exist in a democracy to ensure genuine rule of the people and ongoing democratic polity (extending into the future indefinitely) -Checks on majority rule are implied by the existence of democracy itself
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