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POS 410 Assignment 4

POS 410 Assignment 4 - Lauren Napolitano April 6 2010 POS...

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Lauren Napolitano April 6, 2010 POS 410: Assignment 4 Until the 1960s, African Americans were kept out of the political landscape of the United States. With the civil rights movements in the 1960s, they fought for political equality among other things. By the 1990s and 2000s, the conditions in these cities shifted and the strong “first generation” of African American mayors were growing older. As many of these cities faced new candidates, one might wonder how the black population would stay afloat. In class we watched a video on the 2002 mayoral election in Newark, New Jersey; which showed the struggles and unique aspects of a mayoral race with two black candidates in a primarily black neighborhood. We also read Douzet’s article, “Revisiting Black Electoral Success” which focused on African Americans involved with politics in Oakland, California. Each of these cases studies truly shows how different African American political races are. They face unique challenges at a time of transition in these cities. In the video “Street Fight”, Cory Booker is a council member in Newark running for mayor against the incumbent Sharpe James. The video often pointed out that elections are “won and lost in the streets”. This shows that elections in a city such as Newark are won in an altogether different way than most elections. Cory faced multiple challenges in
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