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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Department of Chemical Engineering•Austin, Texas 78712-1062•(512)471-5238•FAX(512)471-7060 ChE 210 Homework 1 Due: Monday, February 1 Algorithms Prepare a simple pseudo-code algorithm for each of the following programming situations. Remember that algorithms require simple elementary steps involving calculations, decisions, and repetitions. You will probably have multiple pages to turn in. All pages must be stapled together. Place your name, ChE 210, Homework 1, and the date at the top of the first page. This assignment may be handwritten, but it must be neat and readable. 1) Develop the pseudocode for an algorithmic solution for finding the two points where the function 3 4 . 12 3 ) ( 2 + - = x x x f crosses the positive x-axis. Do not use quadratic formula. Use the fact that as x changes the sign of f(x) will change when the function crosses the x- axis. 2)
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