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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Department of Chemical Engineering•Austin, Texas 78712-1062•(512)471-5238•FAX(512)471-7060 ChE 210 Homework 7 Due: Wednesday, March 31 For Loops and Arrays These problems provide more practice writing functions and using 1 dimensional arrays. The new technique of number based repetition (for loops) is also used extensively. Do Not use builtin MATLAB functions to accomplish the major task in these problems. All pages must be stapled together. Place your name, ChE 210, Homework 7, and the date at the top of the first page. When you turn in your homework fold your pages lengthwise and write your name on the outside with your name visible when the fold is to your left. 1. Suppose you have an array of grades. There can be any number of grades in the array. You wish to average all the grades to determine a grade average. Write a MATLAB function gavg( grades) that accepts a single array of grades and returns the average. Execute your function with the following
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