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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Department of Chemical Engineering•Austin, Texas 78712-1062•(512)471-5238•FAX(512)471-7060 ChE 210 Homework 8 Due: Friday, April 2 (in Lab sessions) Matrix Programming This exercise is a matrix manipulation exercise that is a slight variation of the Mandelbrot (beetle) calculation done in class. Remember to identify your homework with the following comment lines. %Your Name %ChE 210 %Homework 8 %Due Date In this problem you will calculate a 512x512 matrix of values that represent the Julia set. The key to the calculation is the following pair of iteration equations r next = r prev *r prev -s prev *s prev + x s next = 2*r prev *s prev + y For this problem we will hold x and y constant for all elements in the matrix and start with different values of r and s for each element in the matrix. x and y will both be arguments to the function. Different x and y values produce different, interesting results. We iterate the above equations until r*r+s*s > 4 or 255 iterations are performed
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