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AML 3032, Fall 2009 Essay #1 Prompt Dr. Tova Cooper Write a 4-6 page, double-spaced essay that responds to one of the following prompts. You do NOT need to address ALL of the listed questions: I have put them there to inspire your thought process. Option #1 Write an essay in which you address the way that either Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson addresses gender in his/her poetry. What is the poet trying to say about gender identity in his/her society? In particular, how does the poet use a persona to address gender identity? Be sure to locate your argument about gender in the formal elements of the poetry—in structure, tone, diction, and other figurative elements—not just in terms of the themes raised by Whitman or Dickinson. Note: As we have been discussing in class, gender norms vary for members of different classes and races. Whitman and Dickinson were white, middle-class authors, something to pay attention to when discussing gender norms that they may have encountered (and responded to in their poetry). But you might also consider whether or not the poets
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AML 3032_spring10_prompt1 - AML 3032, Fall 2009 Essay #1...

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