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Unformatted text preview: 1 Life Stress and Mood Disorders PSY 423: Mood Disorders Paula Yanes and Chrystal Vergara 1 Stress and stressors Stress: Forces from environment Types of stressors: Chronic stressors “Daily hassles” Major Life Events 2 Stress and Depression Why do stressors affect mood? Mood is influenced by environmental stimuli Diathesis-stress model • Diathesis becomes activated with life stressors Several diatheses • Examples: Cognitive vulnerability, personality vulnerability, genetic vulnerability, interpersonal vulnerability (e.g., negative feedback seeking) 3 2 Stress and Depression Stressors in environment affect depression in several ways: Onset Presentation (i.e., severity) Course 4 Stressful Events and Depression Onset Stressful life events Depression Depressed people tend to have more acute 5 stressful life events in the year preceding depression onset Specifically, situations out of direct control (deaths etc.) or of serious threat Chronic stressors seems to play a (weaker) role as well Stressful Events and Symptom Presentation The more severe the stressor, the more severe the depressive symptoms This relationship is specific to stressors prior to onset of depression, not stressors that occur after onset Stressors may be related specifically to the experience of cognitive symptoms (as opposed to somatic symptoms) 6 3...
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Class_05-_Life_stress_class_notes - 1 Life Stress and Mood...

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