Fall 2008 Midterm Exam 1c

Fall 2008 Midterm Exam 1c - PSY 343 Sensation and...

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PSY 343 Sensation and Perception Midterm 1 Form #3 Fall Session, 2008 Don’t forget to put your name and ID on the scantron. Fill in the appropriate bubbles and completely erase any stray marks. Please indicate the form number by filling in the appropriate bubble in the ‘Grade or Education’ section of the scantron Name:______________________ ID# ________________________ 1-4) Match each approach to perception with how that approach could be applied to music. a. the ecological approach b. behaviorism c. constructivism d. gestalt psychology e. structuralism _____ 1) Training an animal to press a bar when it hears a certain melody _____ 2) Identifying the basic building blocks of a melody _____ 3) How we organize music, for example by separating the piano from guitar _____ 4) Seeing a guitar and perceiving how you could use it to play music 5) Suppose that you are in an experiment where you have to hit a button as soon as you see a light come on. Which of the following is most closely involved with top-down processing of the light? a. How many lights appear b. What color the light is c. How bright the light is d. If you know when the light is going to appear 6) In the first class, we discussed a few visual illusions. If you are aware that the illusion isn’t real, but you still see it anyway, the illusion is not ______________. a. ecologically perceived b. cognitively penetrable c. subliminally perceived d. affected by bottom-up processing 7-9) Match the technique with an accurate statement about it. a. method of limits b. method of adjustment c. magnitude estimation d. method of constant stimuli ____ 7) The participant rates how intense the stimulus is. ____ 8) A small number of stimulus intensities are used, and they are presented in random order. ____ 9) The participant controls the intensity of the stimulus. 1
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10) Each of the following is a reason why the psychophysical methods were developed EXCEPT: a. It allows you to test theories of how our neural circuitry is organized. b. It allows you to measure the perceptual abilities of individuals.
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Fall 2008 Midterm Exam 1c - PSY 343 Sensation and...

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