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Janelle JoseOctober 22

Janelle JoseOctober 22 - Janelle Jose SSC 305 Reflection...

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Janelle Jose October 22, 2009 SSC 305- Reflection Paper (Discipline) Discipline is something that is necessary, and in the preschool classroom, it is difficult to measure. The actions are tough to manipulate, and children are used to behaving in certain ways before they arrive in your classroom. To exact a correct measure of discipline, a caretaker must make sure to react in the same manner under each circumstance. Children learn what they live, so it is necessary to handle situations appropriately. At preschool age children may begin to misbehave intentionally. The best way to deal with these behaviors is to try and distract them with a different, safer activity. As they are getting older you will also need to set limits and discipline them at times and keep them on a daily routine. Helping children gain inner control is the most important goal of discipline. Children misbehave for many reasons, and it is important to try and find the reason for your child's behavior problems. Some reasons can include jealousy,
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