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PSY 413 Extra Credit - Janelle Jose PSY 413 Credit Assign....

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Janelle Jose February 18, 2010 PSY 413 Extra Credit Assign. Confirmation Bias is a tendency for people to prefer information that confirms their preconceptions or hypotheses, independently of whether they are true. People can reinforce their existing attitudes by selectively collecting new evidence that confirms their expectation and won’t look for information that disconfirms it. While doing this we practice positive test strategy which is the tendency to test hypothesis by seeking to confirm them rather than disconfirm them. When someone uses the positive test strategy they are prejudice towards confirming their speculations. Confirmation bias affected my decisions a lot because even though my initial rating for if he was guilty was indecisive after the movie resumed I looked for evidence that would prove him guilty rather than prove him innocent because the protagonist in this case Meryl Streep’s character Sister Aloysius is the character that majority of the audience wants to be right. With that said I was focused on
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helping her argument to be proved. Also it is excepted for the protagonist to be right
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PSY 413 Extra Credit - Janelle Jose PSY 413 Credit Assign....

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