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PSY 423 Case Presentation - Janelle Jose Case Presentation...

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Janelle Jose June 22, 2009 Case Presentation Client Description. Denise is a 59 year old women. She a college graduate with an undergraduate degree. She had worked till the age of thirty when she got married and was focused on raising her family. Denise is a mother of two grown children. She also came a widow this past year. Since then she’s lived alone. Presenting Concern. This client has come to therapy because she is having difficulties coping with everyday life and feeling a sense of loneliness. She found it difficult to wake up in the morning, maintain basic hygiene, and doing household chores. These feelings weren’t overcoming her until the onset of her husband’s illness. Denise claims that she became “socially isolated” at this point. She also stated that she no longer engages in activities that she use to do with her husband. Her most prominent symptoms included loss of pleasure, irritability, social withdrawal, inability to make decisions, fatigue, guilt, difficulty motivating herself to perform daily functions, and loneliness. She’s described having these problems over the last year and a half. Relevant History. Denise reported having a relatively normal childhood, although she also stated her mother might have been emotional unstable. She did report having difficulties in past relationships. She then explained her first serious boyfriend broke up with her at age 25. She stated that this break-up “devastating” and she also lost a lot of friends in result to the end of this relationship because many of her friends were his friends from prior to the relationship. Denise reported that she experienced similar symptoms that she is displaying now after this break-up .
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Potential Goals. The goal of treatment is to eliminate your symptoms and keep them from coming back. Treatment can also help Denise learn healthier ways of coping with distressing thoughts, as well as reducing avoidance or other problematic behaviors. Also hopefully Denise can continue living her life in a more regular uninterrupted way. Diagnosis. Based on the given information and the case presentation I diagnose the client with Major Depressive Disorder. The client has displays five of the nine symptoms that would qualify her as having Major Depressive Disorder. These symptoms include depressed/disturbed moods,
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PSY 423 Case Presentation - Janelle Jose Case Presentation...

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