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PSY 424 Journal Critique - Janelle Jose Journal Critique...

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Janelle Jose March 22,2010 Journal Critique PSY 424 The article that I will critique is Direct Social Support for Young High Risk Children: Relations with Behavioral and Emotional Outcomes across Time. According to the article this study is unique in addressing developmental correlates of direct social support for young children in a high risk sample, in contrast to previous studies addressing social support caregivers. The goal of this study is to provide descriptive data on direct social support for young high risk children and to examine the influence of social support on the levels and trajectories of behavioral and emotional outcomes over time, controlling for early childhood support from the mother. In this study primary giving is seen as a separate role from social support and the purpose is to identify support from beyond the primary care giving relationship. Previous studies have demonstrated the role of social support on adjustment in high risk and maltreated children in middle childhood, but in early childhood the understanding of direct social support is limited. The participants were drawn from an on-going prospective longitudinal study investigating developmental outcomes of at risks urban children. In this study the sample consisted of first time mothers and their infants recruited from a public health clinic during pregnancy. The sample consisted of 184 participants (101 males, 83 females) for whom early childhood data and at least one outcome were available. The mothers included 83.2% Caucasians, 11.4% African American, and 5.3% Native American, Hispanics, or Asia and were between the ages of 12-34 with the mean being at 20. Approximately 17% of the children were of mixed racial heritage. They families were identified as at risk for parenting problems due to
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low income (100%), single parenthood (62%), and low maternal education (35.9% with less than
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PSY 424 Journal Critique - Janelle Jose Journal Critique...

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