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Janelle Jose April 13, 2010 PSY 424 Response Paper The media source I decided to use for this response paper is a video from the Anxiety Disorder Association of British Columbia website and it’s about childhood anxiety. In this particular video Dr. Michael Catchpole interviews Dr. Jane Garland who is the Clinical Director of the Mood and Anxiety Disorder Clinic at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. This is relevant to the course because it speaks about how anxiety in children can reach clinical significance. They bring up a point that anxiety in children are very normal, but the problem is when that anxiety becomes to intense, to prolong, and gets in the way of their functioning. This relates to the class that we had on March 10 th about anxiety disorders. She also speaks about the symptoms and signs of anxiety disorder. This video was very informative in getting a quick synopsis of what a anxiety disorder is.
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