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SSC 305 Observation paper

SSC 305 Observation paper - Janelle Jose SSC 305...

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Janelle Jose November 12, 2009 SSC 305 Observation Paper The program I went to had children who were between 2 and 3 years old. The classroom had a lot of art work all over the walls. In particular there was a poster of the children’s weight and weight but the children decorated the background. The toys were all placed in bins on shelves that were eye level for the children. The classroom was set up before the children got there so the was no waiting time for them. The program I went started at 8:30 and it’s a half a day program so the children leave at 11:30. At arrival the parents arrive and are greeted by the teachers, interns, and volunteers. The children for the most part were very excited to go to the program and were all greeted individually and personally by first name. As for the children that were uncomfortable with their parents leaving they were comforted by the employees and were calmed down in a very quick fashion. There was also an observation room with a 2 way mirror which many of the parents came in and watch their children after they left the classroom. When
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