SSC 305 Reflection Paper#2

SSC 305 Reflection Paper#2 - Janelle Jose SSC 305...

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Janelle Jose 10/01/2009 SSC 305 – Reflection Paper #2 Soc/Emo Dev Social and emotional development is very important in early child development. According to the book, true relationships between peers first occurs during the preschool. An important aspect of social emotional development during this period is the child’s self concept. Children gain a recognition for people are them. Their egocentric attitude gets diminished and they gain a improved ability which helps them develop a more constant and stable perception of themselves despite variation in their behavior and in the response they receive from other people. It is also important for teachers and parents to encourage a positive self esteem while children are developing self concept. Young children can also become quickly discouraged if they experience repeated disapproval failure or frustration. For this reason it is important for adults to help develop a sense of themselves. Children should also be reared around this time to control their aggression. It’s very important to help children express strong emotions constructively.
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SSC 305 Reflection Paper#2 - Janelle Jose SSC 305...

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