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SSC 416 Book Response - Janelle Jose SSC 416 Retell...

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Janelle Jose November 2, 2009 SSC 416 Book Response Retell First grade teacher Francesca is the lucky recipient of Kozol's stories from his real world experiences in the trenches. Kozol uses a realistic portrayal of what first year teachers can expect students to act, speak, and look like, the under privilege facilities in our nation's poorest schools, and the feeling of isolation that all new teachers face during their first year of teaching. He also talks about the issue of racial segregation due to a lack of diversity within communities and its existence in America's schools and speaks out about the backsliding into separate and unequal schools in this modern era of education. He writes instructive letter to Francesca to teach the young but learn from the old acknowledges the gravitational pull that young teachers experience toward one another. They choose to stick with their own kind and feel threatened, marginalized or stereotyped as unsuccessful by veteran educators in their buildings before making the attempt use these seasoned teachers as mentors. He urges young teachers to reach out and build relationships with the old guard in the school in order to become more effective and learn from the mistakes and trials of others. New teachers are missing out on valuable lessons when they overlook the human resources residing in their very own corridors. He reviewed school professional development in chapter eight. He chastises the profession for
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SSC 416 Book Response - Janelle Jose SSC 416 Retell...

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