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Unformatted text preview: Engineering 101 Quote of the Day You're almost done! Exam 3 Review Outline Lecture 15 and 16 Intro to MATLAB and Matrices Lecture 17 Script and Function Files Lecture 18 and 19 MATLAB Programming Lecture 20 Subarrays and Vectorization Lecture 21 Plotting in MATLAB C++ vs. MATLAB Compiled Fast Predefined Libraries Custom Design Data Types Graphics Difficult Interpreted Slow Even More Libraries Matrix Based Easy Graphics Functionality To MATLAB the Whole World is a Collection of Arrays To MATLAB all data is some kind of array. Even individual data objects are arrays with 1 row and 1 column. Vectors are arrays with only 1 dimension. Matrices may have 2 or more dimensions. Variable names must start with a letter which can be followed by letters, numbers and the _ character. MATLAB is a Weakly Typed Language Unlike C++ you do not have to declare variable types before each data object is used. The data type is determined by what is assigned to the variable. Most data objects are either double or char. char. In MA...
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