The columns of a must equal the rows of b division

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Unformatted text preview: ows of b. Division inverts the denominator matrix and multiplies by the numerator. Outline Lecture 15 and 16 Intro to MATLAB and Matrices Lecture 17 Script and Function Files Lecture 18 and 19 MATLAB Programming Lecture 20 Subarrays and Vectorization Lecture 21 Plotting in MATLAB Script Files A script file is created by typing your command line inputs into a file and saving it with a .m suffix (multi_plots.m) (multi_plots.m) Variables in a script file have global scope Variables in a function file have local scope 4 display_test.m Output display( ) is called when you don't include a semicolon after a MATLAB line where an assignment occurs disp( data ) will output only the data to the screen. Unlike display( ), disp( ) does not put a ), "data =" message before the output. Formatted output Sometimes you want to specify the output precisely. The fprintf( ) command allows you to specify a formatting string. fprintf(format_string, variables) will print the values in the variables as specified in the format_string. Places for numbers in the format s...
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