The other parts are optional you can have multiple

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Unformatted text preview: al. You can have multiple elseif clauses. After executing the particular case the code jumps to after the end. The otherwise part is optional. 6 The Try/Catch Construct There is a special construct in MATLAB for catching errors try Statement 1 Statement 2 catch Statement 3 Statement 4 end While Loops in MATLAB Very similar to C++: while expression statement 1 statement 2 etc. end The try block is executed. If an error occurs it jumps to the catch block. For Loops in MATLAB ForFor-loops in MATLAB are a bit different than for-loops forin C++ for index = array Statement 1 Statement 2 etc. end index takes the value of each column in the array in turn. For Loops in MATLAB The control expression in a for-loop in forMATLAB can even be an array with more than one dimension. In this case the index takes on the value of an entire column one column at a time. break and continue There are two commands you can insert into a MATLAB loop to alter the flow of control. break will cause the program to im...
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