Three dimensional plots t 00110 x exp 02t cos2t

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Unformatted text preview: *t) .* cos(2*t); exp(y = exp(-0.2*t) .* sin(2*t); exp(plot3(x, y, t); Now we can immediately see the time dependence. Three Dimensional Plots The simplest way to plot is a pseudocolor plot pcolor(x, y, z); You can also plot contours contour(x, y, z); contourf(x, y, z); %filled contour Perspective views can be obtained with mesh(x, y, z); meshc(x, y, z); % with contour surf(x, y, z); surfc(x, y, z); % with contour surfl(x, y, z); % with lighting Good luck on the exam! 11...
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