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Val inputenter a number the user can enter a number

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Unformatted text preview: er:'); The user can enter a number or an array in brackets If you need to get a string then val = input(`Enter a string:', `s'); Scalar Operations The following operations are defined between two scalars: Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Exponentiation a+b ab a*b a/b a^b 3 Scalar / Array Operations The same operations may be performed between an array and a scalar. In this case the operation is performed to every element of the array. Array vs. Matrix operations When two arrays are being operated on MATLAB makes a distinction between array an matrix operations. Matrix operations are the standard Linear Algebra operations Array operations are done on an element-byelement-byelement basis Array vs. Matrix operations Array or Matrix operations (no difference) Addition Subtraction Multiplication Right Division Left Division Exponentiation a+b ab a .* b a ./ b a .\ b .\ a .^ b Array vs. Matrix operations Matrix operations Multiplication Right Division Left Division a*b a/b b\a Array (Element-by-element) operations (Element-by- Multiplication does standard matrix multiplication. The columns of a must equal the r...
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