chapter 4-6 slides per page - Topics General Properties of...

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1 Topics General Properties of Aqueous Solutions Precipitation Reactions Acid-Base Reactions Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Concentrations of Solutions Solution Stoichiometry and Chemical Analysis Strong and Weak Electrolytes Strong electrolytes completely dissociate in water Weak electrolytes only partially dissociate and form solutions of low ion concentration Molecular Compounds in Water Most polar molecular compounds dissolve in water but no ions are formed example: Non-polar molecular compounds do not dissolve in water. example: There are some molecular compounds which when dissolved in water break into ions example: Precipitation Reactions (1) Molecular equation : (2) Complete ionic equation : (3) Net ionic equation :
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Acids (Arrhenius Theory) z Acids are substances that dissociate in aqueous solutions to form H + . z Monoprotic acids: z Polyprotic acids: Bases (Arrhenius Theory) Bases are substances that produce hydroxide ions, OH - , when dissolved in water Bronsted – Lowry Theory Acid: (molecules or ions) donates a proton (H + ) to another molecule or ion in a proton-transfer reaction. Base: (molecules or ions) accepts a proton (H + ) in a proton-transfer reaction Weak Acids and Weak Bases only partially ionized in solution. Weak acids:
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chapter 4-6 slides per page - Topics General Properties of...

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