chapter 8-6 slides per page - Topics Electron Spin (Pauli...

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1 Topics • Electron Spin (Pauli Exclusion Principle) • Many-Electron Atoms • Electron Configurations • Orbital Diagrams of Atoms (Hund’s Rule) • Electron Configurations and Periodic Table • Development of the Periodic Table • Effective Nuclear Charge • Sizes of Atoms • Ionization Energy • Electron Affinity The Stern-Gerlach experiment. A representation of electron spin. Quantum Description of Electron in an Atom • Electron in atom is fully described by four quantum numbers: n, l, m l , and m s Pauli’s exclusion principle: No two electrons in the atom can have the same four quantum numbers or maximum two electrons can be placed on one orbital and they must have opposing spins The Pauli Exclusion Principle • The maximum number of electrons and their orbital diagrams are: Sub shell Number of Orbitals Maximum Number of Electrons s ( l = 0) 1 2 p ( l = 1) 3 6 d ( l =2) 5 10 f ( l =3) 7 14 Orbitals in Many-Electron Atoms
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2 Aufbau Principle The Aufbau principle is a scheme used to
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chapter 8-6 slides per page - Topics Electron Spin (Pauli...

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