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PSYC 334 Reflection Report Grading Criteria Each report is worth 30 points. If you fulfill all of the following elements or conditions correctly you will receive full credit. Points will be deducted from that amount if the following elements or conditions are not evident: Coherent, Thorough Response to the Question (10 points): Demonstrate that you effectively implemented the chosen exercise Describe clearly how you fulfilled every element or component of the selected exercise Submit a well-organized, coherent report that is easy to understand and follow Effective reflection on personal experience and connection to the theory (10 points): Describe your personal reflection on the activity effectively Summarize what you learned from the experience Incorporate in your report how the experience/exercise relates to relevant
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Unformatted text preview: theoretical concept(s) from lecture and the book Writing Mechanics (10 points): • Title: Begin the report with the title of the chosen exercise (1 point deduction if omitted) • Length: Stay within 50 words of the assigned length (1 point deduction for each 100 words over 675 words or under 575 words) • No Spelling errors (1 point deduction for each error) • No Grammatical errors (1 point deduction for each error) • No Punctuation errors (1 point deduction for each error) Deduction for Late Submissions: Reports will be accepted for up to six days following the due date. However, there will be a deduction of 5 points for each day past the due date for late submissions....
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