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Syllabus--Psychology 334, page 1 Syllabus (Subject to Revision) PSYC 334—Psychology of Personality Fall 2009 (CRN: 40227) GENERAL INFORMATION: Meeting times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-10:15 a.m. Location: University Hall 371 Instructor: Spencer A. McWilliams, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Office: University Hall 328 Office hours: Tuesdays 12-1, Wednesdays 11:30-12:30, or by appointment E-mail: Please use Course Mail on the course WebCT site Phone : 760-750-3065 CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Theory and assessment techniques in personality research. Subject matter includes study of personality structure, development, personality dynamics, and determinants of personality. Prerequisite: PSYC 100 . GOALS: To provide you with an understanding of: The processes and issues involved in the human quest to develop a theoretical understanding of human nature and our conception of the “self.” The assumptions, concepts, and terminology of several comprehensive approaches to understanding complex human processes from Western psychology and one from Eastern psychology. The relevance and utility of these theories to your self understanding and your understanding of others. We will consider their assumptions about human nature, how they view human development, their perspective on how we acquire complex human behavior, and their view of psychological health, change, and therapy. We will look for recurrent themes across these theories. We may apply these theories to our own experience, both of ourselves and our observations of others. COURSE FORMAT: Class lectures and discussions will generally parallel the content of the assigned readings, and will include additional material that I will present on selected theories to provide the opportunity to become somewhat “immersed” in the theory and, ideally, develop some sense of how the study of the person actually works from this perspective. Although I will present a great deal of material in the lectures, I will leave time for questions and discussion. I will post the PowerPoint outlines for the lectures on the course WebCT site. Click on the Lecture Notes” icon . They can serve as a study guide for the lecture material. I recommend that you save them to your own computer. If you find it helpful, you may wish to print the lecture notes in handout format and bring them to class to assist in your note taking.
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Syllabus--Psychology 334, page 2 REQUIRED TEXT: Cloninger, Susan (2008), Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons (5 th Edition). Prentice Hall. COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Examinations: There will be four examinations , one for each of the four course units there will be an examination (see schedule below) consisting of 70 multiple choice questions covering the assigned reading and class lectures for that unit. You will need to bring a Red Scantron sheet and pencil for the exams. You will need to code your 9-digit ID number on both the front and back of the Scantron sheet. Treat the “@” in your ID as if it were a “0”. Be sure to use the same 9-digit
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F09syllabus334 - Syllabus-Psychology 334 page 1...

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