sociology - CH.5 Conceptual Methodology Sociology's...

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CH.5 Conceptual Methodology Sociology’s Objective: The interpretive understanding of social action in order to arrive at a casual explanation. Interpretive understanding: A grasp of subjective meaning rather than any kind of objectively correct conclusion based upon logical deduction or mathematics. Social Action: Behaviors to which the acting individual attaches subjective meaning. Ex: waiving at an acquaintance. Casual Explanation : Must meet two criteria: adequacy of the level of meaning and being able to determine a probability that one event will be associated with another. Ideal types: typical courses of action whose component parts are intentionally exaggerated by the analyst in order to differentiate them from other similar types of actions. Ex: Jocks and preps share certain qualities, but their features in common would de-emphasize an ideal type idea. Uniformitie s may be due to people’s shared belief in the legitimacy of the convention, norm, or rule. Legitimacy implies congruence between the pattern of behavior and people’s
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sociology - CH.5 Conceptual Methodology Sociology's...

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