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Nat Sci Lab CS II, Module II Course: 320112 Jacobs University Bremen March 13th, 2008 Dr. Heinrich Stamerjohanns . Assignment 1 - Classes This assignment must be solved in C++. Your programs should include proper declarations for all the variables needed. Insert suitable comments to explain what your program does. Also pay attention to proper indentation of your code. The TAs are supposed to take points off, if the code is not properly indented. Problem 1.1 A book class (2 points) Write a program where you can enter books. You should ask for these properties: author, title, and price (in Euros). A ’ZZZ’ for the author signals that you are done. After the input is finished the following actions should be taken print sorted list by author when a is pressed print sorted list by price p is pressed quit when pressing q Of course you should use classes and methods to complete this assignment. How to submit your solutions Your source code should be properly indented and compile without any warnings (You can use g++ -Wall -o program program.cpp
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Unformatted text preview: ). Insert suitable comments (not on every line. ..) to explain what your program does. Name the programs a1 x .cpp. Each program must include a comment on the top like the following: / * 320112 a1 1.cpp Firstname Lastname myemail@jacobs-university.de * / You have to submit your solutions via Grader at https://cantaloupe.eecs.jacobs-university.de . If there are problems (but only then) you can submit the programs by sending mail to h.stamerjohanns@jacobs-university.de with a subject line that begins with 320112 . It is important that you do begin your subject with the coursenumber, otherwise I might have problems to identify you submission. Please note, that after the deadline it will not be possible to submit solutions. It is useless to send solutions then by mail, because they will not be accepted. Your code must compile without any warning under g++ (No special switches. .) This assignment is due by Tuesday, March 25th, 10:00 h Have fun!...
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