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hw2mod1 - NatSci Lab CS I Module I Jacobs University Bremen...

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NatSci Lab CS I, Module I Course: 320112 Jacobs University Bremen February 15th, 2008 Dr. Heinrich Stamerjohanns . Assignment 2 - Constructors, Information Hiding This assignment must be solved in C++. Your programs should include proper declarations for all the variables needed. Insert suitable comments to explain what your program does. Also pay attention to proper indentation of your code. The TAs are supposed to take points off, if the code is not properly indented. Problem 2.1 Constructors for Student (1 point) Add some constructors to the class Student, use different constructors for each case. You should be able to create a student by supplying the name, grade (a float) and year of birth. You should also be able to create a student without specifying the year of birth. If a year of birth is not supplied, the student is born in 1988. Write a test program which creates 2 students, by using these two different constructors. Set their grades to 2.3 by using the appropriate methods or constructors. The students should then be printed to the screen.
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