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exercise1 - 2 Show by presenting of a suitable paving...

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Algorithm and Data Structures Assignment 1 Dr. Andreas N¨uchter Fall 2009 Exercise 1.1 Let S ( m, n, a, d ) := n X k = m +1 ( a + d · k ) a sum for positive numbers n, m, a, d where m < n . 1. Find a simple formula for S ( m, n, a, d ). 2. Write a C/C++/Java function ArithmeticSeries that implements the function S . Exercise 1.2 From an 8 × 8 chess board two opposed corners have been removed (Assuming the standard notation for example A1 and H8). On this modified chess board we want to place dominos of the size 1 × 2 or 2 × 1, such that it is completely covered. 1. Show that the paving is possible or that the domino paving is not possible.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Show by presenting of a suitable paving algorithm that it is always possible to to completely cover the board, iff a white and a black field is removed from the board. Exercise 1.3 Read the wikipedia entry of the Boyer and Moore algorithm! You don’t have to hand in something for this exercise! Please hand in the solutions on September 10 right before class. Use your own handwriting! Late homework will not be accepted. 1...
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