exercise5 - 5.1). The code for the linked list is provided...

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Algorithm and Data Structures Assignment 5 Dr. Andreas N¨uchter Fall 2009 Exercise 5.1 – Program sorter Write a sorting program using C/C++ with the name sorter , that 1. accepts up to 32 integers as command line parameter. 2. displays a help message, in case no parameters, more than 32 parameters, or non-integer numbers are given. 3. uses bubble sort, if the parameter -b is set. Otherwise it uses insert sort. 4. prints nothing to the screen, if the parameter -q is set. 5. prints the numbers in a sorted fashion to the console stating with the smallest number. Examples: % sorter 5 9 -2 150 -95 23 2 5 80 -95 -2 2 5 5 9 23 80 150 % sorter usage: sorter [-b] [-q] number1 [number2 . .. ] (maximum 32 numbers) For writing your sorter program, use the provided Makefile . 1
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Exercise 5.2 – Program quicksorter This program is a variation of the sorting program of the previous exercise. It is supposed to have the following functionality: Use a linked list to save the numbers. Therefore, we drop the limit of 32 numbers (see exercise
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Unformatted text preview: 5.1). The code for the linked list is provided with the Fles linked list.c and linked list.h • Use quicksort as sorting algorithm. • Link the provided memory check tool (Fle memcheck.c ) to your program and test if your program has a memory leak! ±or solving this exercise a Makefile and a test script will be provided. Please make sure that your program successfully completes the tests. Please send your solutions via email to andreas@nuechti.de . The deadline is October 8th, 8 am and will not be extended! Late homework will not be accepted. Please work in pairs! This programming exercise sheet will count as two written assignment sheets. ±urthermore, to receive credits you have to present and explain your program to the TAs (±lavia Grosan and Vladislav Perelman). ±or doing so, please sign in the list at my o²ce door (Research I, Room 105). 2...
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exercise5 - 5.1). The code for the linked list is provided...

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