Midterm essay 2 - 1 Jawed A Mirzai Educ 376-01 Professor...

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Jawed A. Mirzai Educ. 376-01 Professor Roach March 08, 2010 Development of Public Schools in America Hardships and failure are usually followed by success and every decision being made by the government and civilians has pros and cons. One of the challenging issues that arose centuries ago was the creation of public schools and the type of policies being made to make schooling efficient. Every policy about development of public schools that had been made had pros for one group and on the other hand it had cons for another. Therefore, it was very challenging and tough for the educators to come up with a policy, which could be most effective for everyone, not just one group take all the advantages. However, in order to figure out which education system is the most efficient, the reformers had to expand the mission and try to balance. The first public schools were built in America around 1890 and 1920s. The main ambition for creation of public school was to give an opportunity for the middle class white youth who could not afford Latin Grammar schools to obtain education and to be prepared for further education in college. However, in order to educate the entire youth group efficiently there were some problems such as lack of qualified instructors, books, and many other necessities to keep the students inspired and eager to learn more. During the 1930s, one of the first education system used in all public schools was pure
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Midterm essay 2 - 1 Jawed A Mirzai Educ 376-01 Professor...

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