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Jawed Mirzai Educ. 376-01 Professor Roach March 15, 2010 “Accountability, to Whom, for What, or How” There are three systems of school based accountability, one of which is known as the atomized accountability. As described by Elmore, accountability includes four major ideas, first, schools are the primary place where the administrators and teachers are held accountable, and where students obtain education from. The second idea take account of how well the students are educated in different subjects and their performance in tests are all considered accountability of the school. The third idea incorporated that school-site student performance is evaluated against externally set standards. Lastly, the fourth idea integrated that evaluation of school performance is usually accompanied with either punishments or rewards. On the other hand, Elmore’s working theory of accountability is consisted of four key principles. The first principle stated that there are commencements of accountability in schools which are embedded in their examples of daily functions, and whether or not the examples had been admitted clearly. The second principle was known as the natural formation of the school sites due to their development out of “raw material” of human relations about the work of learning, teaching and managing. The third principle is that the members of the school are the active agents for conception of the accountability under which they operate and those members can be active agents for changing those conceptions. Lastly, the fourth principle was described as the formal, external accountability systems that are only one among many that influence a school’s internal conception of accountability. Additionally, the relationships among the three factors
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Accountability - Jawed Mirzai Educ. 376-01 Professor Roach...

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