Minsk - Jawed Mirzai CISS-299 Professor Doughton March 26,...

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Jawed Mirzai CISS-299 Professor Doughton March 26, 2010 The Minsk By late 1941, when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, the Jewish culture and traditions declined in Minsk, the capital of Belorussian. Before the invasions, during 1900s Jews held major positions in Minsk and they had enormous contributions in Minsk society. However, right after the German invasion a ghetto was developed in northwestern Minsk, to isolate the Jewish communities from non-Jewish communities and forcing all the Jews out of their homes, to serve as slaves to the Nazi. Further, the ghettos were primarily formed to bring Jews together from different parts of the country and nations to dehumanize, execute, organize, and prepare for mass murders. Mostly, all Minks Jews ended up dead at the ghetto and there are many personal journals which state the life of people in the ghettos and the way they struggled for life. The ghettos were not supposed to be meant as a permanent resident camp but instead were a temporary camp until it would be decided to kill one group of Jews and bring the next group. There were many cases that many Jews died due to starvation and sickness rather than being killed directly by gun shot or gas chambers. There was no justice, education, shops, or food available in the ghettos; basically it was a tough battle for the Jews to fight for their survival. Additionally, as much as Jews ruled the Minsk before the invasion of Soviet Union, twice the amount of time they were in poverty level
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Minsk - Jawed Mirzai CISS-299 Professor Doughton March 26,...

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