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ISS 210: SOCIETY AND THE INDIVIDUAL STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM ONE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 TH , 8:00 A.M. For the first exam there are 75 questions consisting of true and false , multiple choice and matching for the first exam. Questions will be taken from chapter one through chapter five, the class notes, videos , and lecture. GLOBALIZATION Term for the belief that familiar customs and standards can no longer be relied upon to give meaning to and control everyday life Murdock’s functional definition of families across societies Silverstein and Auerback’s major trends families faced in the 20 th century Terms to know: Roma How hyperglobalist view globalization and the economy Transnational families FAMILY THEORIES AND RESEARCH METHODS Method of observational research Define human ecology Examples of microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and mircosystem Family systems theory Conflict theory Symbolic interaction theory Importance of boundaries and family systems theory Pros and cons of the interview as a research method
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ISS_210_study_guide_for_exam_one_spring_ - ISS 210: SOCIETY...

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