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() )Australia and New Zealand x ) Colonization 1. (NZ)1840: Treaty o of Waitangi between Britain and Maori chiefs led to British sovereignty o 2. (NZ) 1840-1872 ongoing conflict over land use and failure of Britain to respect terms of treaty 3. Prison ships arrived in Sydney Harbor in January of 1788.Australia was to be used as a penal colony - by the Britisho The last of the convict ships arrived in Western Australia in January 1868 with 279 prisoners onboard.The Irish were the first white minority in Australia 4o British colonize that Australia wa o Rainbow serpent 1. *The Rainbow Serpent is said to live in the rivers and may be either benevolent o o or malicious o . It is used in stories told to children to keep them away from the rivers. 2. Rainbow serpent is the creation story that defines the people 3. Have a kangaroo’s head and a crocodile’s tail and a python’s body. 4. The female rainbow serpent is Yingarna, the original mother of Creation 5. Her son is Ngalyod, the great transformer of the land o Boarding School for Aboriginals 1. Draws to the stolen generation 2. Speaking their language was forbidden 3. Parents were not told where their children were taken 4. Family visits were forbidden and letters were destroyed Between 1910 and 1970 up to 100, 000 aboriginal children were forcibly or under duress from their families by the police or by welfare officers. It was called the Stolen Generation of Australia. Most of the children taken were under 5 and there was rarely any judicial process. Most of the children were raised in a Christian or state institution. Some were fostered or adopted by white parents. They received little education and were expected to go into low grade domestic or farm work. Children with lighter skin were given opportunities for education and a higher position in the work force. () )Indonesia x The family is more important than the individual family members ) Parenting Style 1. Authoritarian style, do not encourage independence in the child. 2. The tendency of overprotection of children is common in Indonesian parents. Friends must be of the same social class. Subtle approval of racism and prejudice 3. Children under pressure from parents to be successful in school. o The Chinese and the Prebumi o When the Chinese migrated to Indonesia and were basically merchants, the Prebumi looked down on them. Came from two different provinces in China; The first
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migrants to Indonesia were Hokkienese; Skilled as merchants. During the Dutch colonial time the Chinese attended their own schools. There has always been tension between the Prebumi and the Chinese Indonesians. The Chinese account for a large portion of the Indonesian economic growth. Anti-Chinese riots occurred o Largest Ethnic Group Javanese o Unacceptable Marriages If a couple has the same surname (marga) they cannot marry. Parents are reluctant o
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Exam 3 Study Guide合合 -...

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