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Annotated Bibliographies Primary source: Hitchcock, Alfred. Spellbound. 1945. Hitchcock's psychological mystery thriller tells the story of a man who is suffering from amnesia and from a mental asylum. He believes he is-a murderer, but that tums out to be wrong. Thejnh ,, r(pv a:.c shows some methods of psychoanalysis *A[o* can our dreams be a great deal in our live{The-' beginning of the movie is placed in a mental hospital called Green Manors. There are several distinctive figures in that setting, but the most important ones for this film are the young psychoanalyst who works there,$r. Constance Petersen, and the director of the hospital, dr. Murchinson, who is retiring due to nervous exhaustion. A new person that shows up is the young S. fdwardes, who is supposed to replacefo. Murchinson as the new director of the hospital. However, some events that come soon afterwards showthat dr. Edwardes has some mental problems as well, and it turns out to be that he is not really the man he claims to be, as a matter of fact, he
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  • Spring '09
  • Leave of absence, Psychiatric hospital, History of psychiatric institutions, dr. Edwardes, psychological mystery thriller

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