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Princeton Bagel

Princeton Bagel - First I drew a circle Then I drew another...

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First I drew a circle. Then I drew another circle. With that, I had created a bagel. Natalie and I chuckled at my artistic masterpiece. Then she joked, “You forgot the raisins.” I sketched in a few small ovals. Our laughter was now drowning the bagel shop. To conclude my artwork, I shaded the bagel on a black-and-white spectrum to form depth. With that, I took a satisfied glance at the bagel Natalie had ordered. My illustration appeared to be a fair representation of her raisin bagel. But then, as I studied the bagel for a few seconds, I discovered I had forgotten to shade the bagel hole, include the cream cheese, detail the wrinkles, place indents into the raisins, and add a host of many other minute details. The joking that had surfaced just minutes ago turned into a serious challenge – drawing a perfect bagel. I elevated the bagel onto a small green plate and intently stared for a few minutes. I began noting the contours of the bagel. Half an hour later, I finished and looked at my
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