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Princeton Bagel 4

Princeton Bagel 4 - Using the quotation below as a jumping...

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Using the quotation below as a jumping off point, tell us about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world: ''Some questions cannot be answered./ They become familiar weights in the hand,/ Round stones pulled from the pocket, unyielding and cool.'' 1 - Jane Hirshfield, poet, Princeton Class of 1973 Bagels: An Eternal Puzzle I still remember when I first drew still-life in my freshman year drawing class. Before Ms. An presented the still-life, I had envisioned a bagel to be as simple as drawing two circles. Therefore, the day she placed the bagel for us to draw, I was surprised to find that I was sadly mistaken. As I studied the bagel, I realized I had neglected to detail the wrinkles on the bagel, shade the bagel hole, include the cream cheese, add raisins, and add a host of many minute details. The bagel was not as simple as it had appeared. For days, I struggled in futility, trying to incorporate all these details in what was
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