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Princeton Engineering 18

Princeton Engineering 18 - Quantifying the Qualitative Plug...

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Quantifying the Qualitative Plug in a few numbers. Press the Calculate button. And just like that, a number pops out, displaying your quarterback’s performance. 31.4? He had a bad day. 128.7? He put up a show. My efforts to improve the NFL Quarterback Rating Formula are centered on including wide receiver prowess as a metric for quarterback performance. The logic behind labeling wide receiver talent as a variable is simple: wide receivers that are skilled tend to boost their quarterbacks’ ratings. To convert this variable (also called a predictor) into mathematics, I created an algorithm that would take wide receiver statistics from a database I built, churn out a numerical assessment, and finally combine that assessment along with other metrics like sacks and fumbles to form a quarterback rating. These two challenges – incorporating predictors and quantifying predictors – form key fundamentals of statistical modeling. My new formula is far from perfect, but that’s the nature of
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