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HW4-1 - 12 A supervisor is sitting at her desk illuminated...

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HW #4 5. In the Dorben Co., an all-day study revealed the following noise sources: 0.5 hrs., 100 dBA; 1 hr., less than 80 dBA; 3.5 hrs., 90 dBA; 3 hrs., 92 dBA. Is this company in compliance? What is the dose exposure? What is the TWA noise level? 6. In problem #5, consider that the last exposure is in press room which currently has five presses operating. Assuming that Dorben Co. can eliminate some of the presses and transfer production to the remaining presses, how many presses should Dorben eliminate so as not to exceed 100% dose exposure for the workers?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. A supervisor is sitting at her desk illuminated by a 180 candela source 3 feet above it. She is writing with green ink (reflectance=30%) on a yellow note pad (reflectance=60%). What is the illumination on the note pad? Is that sufficient? If not, what amount of illumination is need? What is the contrast of the writing task? What is the luminance of the notepad? 13. How much ventilation would be recommended for a classroom of area 1,000 ft 2 with 12-foot ceilings? Assume that the class size may reach 40 students....
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