PH 116 Spring 2010 Course Requirements

PH 116 Spring 2010 Course Requirements - Course...

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Course Requirements The following are mandatory requirements you must fulfill to pass PH 116 Lecture: Weekly Requirements 1. Lecture Attendance 2. Reading 3. Homework Other Requirements 1. Article Review 2. Letter to a Speaker 3. Three Exams Full descriptions of the requirements follow: Weekly Requirements 1. Lecture Lecture attendance is mandatory . Class is in session every Monday from 4-6 PM in Wheeler Auditorium, except on holidays. Lecture begins promptly at 4:10 PM. It is absolutely necessary that you attend lecture to pass the three exams. All of our speakers come on a voluntary basis, therefore, please observe the following guidelines during lecture: a. Do not be late. b. If you must be late, find a seat in the back of the lecture hall and make your way to it as quietly as possible. c. Please refrain from leaving lecture before the speaker has finished speaking. d. Please be respectful of the speaker during lecture – both in asking questions of him/her and in your behavior while he/she is speaking. If your schedule does not allow you to meet the above guidelines, please consider taking the course at a more appropriate time. 2. Reading Read the assigned readings before lecture. The readings will give you a background in the topic of the week and allow you to critically evaluate the assertions of the speakers. Please note that the articles do not stand as the final word for any of the topics; they are intended to serve as a springboard upon which you may formulate your own thoughts and opinions. If you have any suggestions concerning the reader, please discuss them with one of the coordinators or with your TA – suggestions are gladly accepted and appreciated. Information from the reader articles including general themes and concepts will be included on the exams. Note: Students enrolled in a discussion section have the opportunity to discuss and review reader articles with their TA and fellow students prior to the exams. 3.
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PH 116 Spring 2010 Course Requirements - Course...

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