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Part+III+Cancer+Reading - AM – Noon Mon May 10 The exam...

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ASSIGNED READING FROM LODISH TEXT FOR PART III (Final) OF CANCER SECTION: THE "MULTI-HIT" MODEL FOR TUMORIGENESIS & NEW THERAPIES Here’s the final installment of the cancer section. I would like to have included more, but we’re out of time. All of the reading is from Chapter 25. The last open question review session will be from 1-2 PM Weds, May 5 & Gene’s last discussion session is from 5-7 PM, also on Weds, May 5. The 4 th exam is from 9
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Unformatted text preview: AM – Noon, Mon. May 10. The exam is the same format & length as the previous 3 exams, but you’ll get an extra hour to complete it. Details concerning office hours before the 4 th exam will be emailed next week. 25-1 pp 1107-1114 Phenotypic differences between normal & transformed cells. 25-1 pp 1114-1117 The "multi-hit" model of tumor progression. How many genes are altered in cancer cells & is there a genetic program for tumorigenesis?...
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